Blue Flower


Our efforts are driven by a sincere desire to help one another grow as professionals to make every instructor or aspiring instructor the best they can be. We do this by providing instructor level training and partnering to provide innovative professional development opportunities for Instructors and Firefighters alike. 

We invite you to consider becoming a part of this by joining our ranks and attending our annual conference and other events. 


2020 FSIO Roadshow Events

We will be planning several roadshow events where we partner with other instructors, organizations and departments to bring some practical hands on time with a new twist. Not only can your team get the value of the hands on training we will pull your training officers or anyone else wanting to learn what is necessary into the process of delivering these kinds of training events in your own departments. Adding tools, skills and experience to your toolbox as an instructor is what we are all about. Be sure to check out the events page often for dates as they are scheduled. 

Do you want to host one at your department ? Contact us today through the website, Facebook or reach out to your local area director or board member and let them know. We want to hear from you. 




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